Training in couple and family psychotherapy from an object relations point of view begins with supervision. Couple and family psychotherapy as practiced by members of our organisation, has a psychoanalytic focus at its core, i.e. an acknowledgement of the importance of unconscious processes and internalized self and object relations. Couple and family work differs from individual psychoanalytic work in that there is a major focus on the 'internal couple', and an acknowledgement of the complexity of unconscious internal family relations. Supervision in small groups helps develop skills, for both newcomers and those trained in individual psychotherapy, in working with couples and families from an object relations focus. Participation in supervision groups is seen as an important part of progress to full membership of CAFPAA.

For enquiries about supervision, please contact:

Ms. Laurie Lovell-Simons
Phone: 0408 171 050

An application to attend a supervision group can be downloaded by clicking here.